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I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and graduated from both UCLA and Hastings College of the Law.  Professionally, I am a lawyer.  My practice focuses on helping people, especially in the areas of employment law and landlord tenant disputes.

In 1999, I moved to South Carthay.  In 2007, I was elected President of the South Carthay Neighborhood Association and continue in that role.  I joined the PICO Neighborhood Council to help protect and preserve our beautiful neighborhood, and was elected President of the PICO NC in 2015.  I love learning about our wonderful neighborhood and strive to empower our board members and stakeholders in their efforts to preserve and improve it.


I am a native Angeleno and longtime Wilshire Vista resident. After graduating from Fairfax High School I attended Dartmouth College, UCLA, and the UCLA School of Law where I earned a Juris Doctor with an emphasis in Public Law.

During my legal career I have always dedicated myself to advocating for justice and fair play. I am therefore thrilled to begin my term as the P.I.C.O Neighborhood Council Senior Representative.


Dr. Sylvester E. Robertson, a native of Chicago, Illinois, was a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). His educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Secondary Education, from Drake University, a Master’s Degree (MA) in Teacher Education Training from Governors State University, a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology (MS), and a Doctorate in Institutional Management (Ed. D) from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in technology management. His professional experiences include teaching in K-8, high school, and community college.

His responsibilities at California State University at San Bernardino were teaching technology credential courses to pre-service and in-service teachers. He also taught graduate courses for the Instructional Technology and Integrative Studies Programs. Sylvester has worked in this capacity as a full-time faculty member at CSUSB since 1990. His areas of expertise are integration of technology into instruction especially for communities of color and development of instructional technology models for schools. He has supervised pre-service teachers within the four counties of Southern California and worked with schools in Palm Springs, Fontana, Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino City, Snowline, Inglewood, Compton, and LAUSD School Districts.

In addition, Dr. Robertson was a member of International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), Society of Information Technology (SITE), and Computer Using Educators (CUE). Over the last twenty years he has presented presentations, models, and papers at each of these conferences. Prior to his university teaching, Dr. Robertson worked has as a special education consultant for Prescription Learning Corporation (PLC) designing reading and math labs for public school systems. During that time, they developed microcomputer labs commonly known as Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) which he was responsible for their high school and community college labs.

Sylvester retired in 2011 from CSUSB. In 2012, the family moved from Pasadena CA back to Los Angeles (Picfair Village area). There he continued his community involvement joining Picfair Village Community Association (PVCA) and was elected vice president in 2013. In 2014, he was elected to the PICONC board representing PVCA.

Dr. Robertson ‘s philosophy is putting his people skills and educational expertise to work in the community as one way of sharing and staying connected.


Daniel Sosa was born in Los Angeles and raised on Mt. Washington, a small residential community in northeast L.A.  He attended LAUSD schools from K-12, graduating from North Hollywood High School in 2002.  Daniel attended The Elliot School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington DC, earning a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Global Public Health in 2006.  After graduating, Daniel moved back to Los Angeles, and within one year opened two of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles; La Brea Collective, in Mid-City, and Hollyweed, in Hollywood. He registered both dispensaries under the Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) in 2007.  In 2010, he transferred the non-profit corporation, Hollyweed, to another individual, relinquishing any and all interests in this business.  In 2012, he moved La Brea Collective to 5057 W. Pico Blvd. where it operates today.  

Since it began operating, La Brea Collective has provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of completely free medicine to patients with terminal illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer through their Compassion Program.  Over the past three years, La Brea Collective has organized an ongoing food drive, raising over 10,000 food items for the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center, which distributes the items directly to local families in need.  La Brea Collective also organizes an annual toy drive and back to school drive, raising dozens of items also for the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center.  La Brea Collective is compliant with Measure D, and employs approximately 20 people.  

Daniel has a passion for travelling and has travelled to over 30 countries.  He has been a licensed real estate agent for 6 years.  Daniel, on behalf of La Brea Collective, has been an active member of the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce since 2009.  He was recently elected to the Board of the Greater Los Angeles Collectives Alliance (GLACA) which has been an active trade association for medical marijuana dispensaries since 2006.  Daniel is a strong believer in human empowerment.  Daniel has served as business representative on the PICO Neighborhood Council Board since 2012.

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